You think you have learnt it all? Mastered everything that plays to your strength? Well sorry to disappoint you! But there is no such thing as totality of knowledge residing in any living being on planet Earth! Well don’t lose heart.

Since evolution man has been on a constant search for answers. How do we keep ourselves warm? How to build a fire? Why does the apple fall down? And a million other questions have been raised. The society has evolved so much since then because someone dared to ask these questions and had the courage to tread the untrodden road towards enlightenment.

Being in a state of stagnation defiles the most basic essence of human beings and that is change. Change for a better future, change for a cleaner planet, change for healthier people, change for preservation, and change for the sake of change itself.

To bring forth change that is good in all its entirety, we need to embark on our own quests, our unending quests.